Why you need to Moisturise

Sheila’s newsletter – Why you need to Moisturise

At the age of 5 or 6, I found the softness and suppleness of the chamois that my mum used to clean the windows quite amazing. I wondered why it was so hard and wrinkled when it dried out, yet when she rinsed and squeezed out the water, making it ready for use, it was as soft anything. Even at this tender age, I knew it was different from an ordinary duster. Eventually I found out that it was goat skin.

The purpose of the skin in animals and humans is to be the body’s first line of protection. If it is supple and intact, then we have a good defence system, but left to dry out, it will crack and leave the body open to the dangers of infection.

There are 2 ways that we can nurture our skin to keep it in good condition. First, to moisten it from the inside, we need to drink enough water on a daily basis. (see our water article) Then we need to nourish it from the outside, by applying moisturisers.

Adding plant-based therapeutic essential oils

When we read about the Egyptians who lived 3000 years ago, we know that they used essential oils to mummify the Pharaohs and Kings. By examining this evidence, it makes us realise the worth of these natural treasures and learning how these essential oils not only preserved the skin but offered 100’s of other health benefits. These same oils are the active ingredients in every product we produce.

Life stresses and cracked skin?

Our skin is a sensitive part of us and can react to stress and to our emotions. Quite often when under stress, we may find that our skin actually becomes dry and distressed and this is when action needs to be taken. The condition of our skin is letting us know that perhaps we are neglecting our emotions and our bodies as a whole. Emotions are something rather important to women and how to help with this, is something that I will write about in a few weeks time.

Nonetheless, cracked skin can become painful and infected and we call these cracks ‘fissures’ if they are left unattended. They can become deep if the skin is exposed to all kinds of atmosphere such as heat, cold, pollution and friction. Thus, on a daily basis, it makes sense to keep it in good condition, moist and supple.

As we age, our skin tends to become “thinner’ and a routine of cleansing and nourishing morning and night to encourage new skin growth is good practice and worth getting into the habit of – even from an early age.

Essential oils – the magic ingredients

It is a sad fact that a lot of oils that are sold on the open market are adulterated – they are not pure. However, at Moss-Grove, we buy our oils from small, artisan producers where we can trace the product all the way from it being grown in the field, through steam distillation and into our bottles. Essential oils, whether massaged into the the skin as a lotion (in the sorts of products that we sell) or added to bath water (see next weeks newsletter), work in a sort of magical way by taking oxygen deep into the dermis and eventually into the bloodstream where they then do their work. Even by adding tiny amounts daily, these oils can be of benefit in our skin nourishing regime.

I hope this information helps

If you have any questions then please email advice@moss-grove.co.uk and I will be pleased to help.