Whats missing from Tiger Woods caddy?


Golfing with Back Pain

Jim Steele – owner of Moss-Grove and inventor of many of its unique products loves to play golf. He is a million miles from the golf standard that Tiger plays to, but he has one thing in common with Tiger – he suffers with back pain. Indeed it’s not so long since this article about Tiger appeared in the national press:

The Golf Channel quotes: 
A common phrase this year — “Tiger’s back” — took on a new meaning Friday at The Barclays. Woods felt a twinge in his lower back when he awoke and felt pain throughout the second round at Bethpage Black in Farmingdale, N.Y.

He overcame a bogey-bogey start, struggled with simply retrieving the ball from the cup but stayed three shots behind Nick Watney and the resurgent Sergio Garcia, who shared the lead going into the weekend.
As many injuries as Woods has gone through the past two years, the way he grimaced and walked gingerly made it look as if this could be another bad week.

“Must have slept funny on it,” Woods said. “Soft beds at the hotel, and woke up this morning with it stiff. As I warmed up, it got progressively worse, and then you saw what happened on the golf course. It hurt all day.”

Our solutions

Tiger doesn’t know about the wonders of Moss-Grove’s Joint Ease and Muscle Easenor would he be familiar about the therapy that Jim practices at his clinic here in Troon but looking after a customer is not always about trying to sell a product and so, just for this week the focus is on you and how some words of wisdom might help your own back pain problems.

In 1995 Jim’s doctor told him to prepare for life in a wheelchair when he could do no more for his painful back muscle spasms. The pain-killers that he took by the mouthful didn’t help. Surgery on his crumbling spine was out of the question. At the time he worked as a quantity surveyor. Then by chance he found a therapy that saved and changed his life.

His book entitled ‘Getting Your Own Back’ tells his story, copies of which are freely available by eBook for anyone who places an order on the Moss-Grove website.

Jim runs a successful clinic in Troon, Ayrshire: www.bnth.org from where the Moss-Grove skin-care products have been developed. He suggests that if you suffer as he did, then it would make sense to get in touch with a therapist near to you. The website www.btpa.co lists therapist all over the UK who use the same system that Jim uses. If you have any doubt about who to approach, then write to jim@moss-grove.co.uk and he will be happy to give his advice.

Twice a year Jim goes for treatment to a colleague (Neil Galloway) who has a clinic in Penrith in the north of England (www.neilgalloway.co.uk). The therapy helps hugely but so also does the daily use of both of Moss-Grove’s Joint Ease and Muscle Ease lotions that work by softening, soothing and relaxing the muscles. In a very natural way they ease the pain by improving the structural alignment.

“People I suppose don’t realise that a person’s skeleton floats in the water of their bodies” says Jim, “and so, if you can relax them by way of some therapy combined with the daily use of my lotions, and at the same time hydrate the muscles by drinking water (everybody should drink three pints of water every day) then the skeleton has a chance to float back to where it should be, normality returns and muscle pain disappears.”  After all as Jim says – “you get your car engine serviced regularly, so why don’t you service your body?”

Jim will never be a Tiger Woods on the golf course, but despite his degenerative spinal condition, he continues to play the game he loves. Tiger no doubt will be thrashing his way Round Muirfield in the Open Championship this week, subjecting his spine and his muscle to the extremes of the swing as he blasts his golf ball as far as he can down the fairways. He can’t go on subjecting his body to this sort of punishment every week, especially now that we can see that he like many of the folk on this planet, suffer with back pain.

Our products can help golfers

Perhaps Tiger would do will to listen to the advice that we have written here, get some therapy from knowledgeable people and of course use some Joint Ease and Muscle Ease. Both of these products do ‘what they say on the tin’.

Joint Ease is for joints, so if you suffer with back pain, night and morning apply some Joint Ease along the whole length of the spine (which is a series of joints).  At the same time you can apply it to any other joint in the body that may be troubling you – hip, knee, ankle elbow etc. Muscle Ease should be applied to the muscles across the base of the spine, the gluteal muscles (cheeks of your bottom) and to tops of the backs of your legs (hamstrings).

All of these muscles are connected by fascia, that stuff that wraps every muscle, ligament or tendon inside us, so it is important that they all get a good rub with this lovely lotion. Joint Ease by the way is purchased by women who tell us that it’s great for calming restless legs when applied to the calf muscles – and taking this on board, Jim applies some before and after golfing.

If only Tiger would take his advice, well then he might just win another Open Championship!! And last but not least, if you have a specific back pain or other muscle problem then why not write to Jim, ask a question and gain some benefit from some of the wonderful advice he has to offer (jim@moss-grove.co.uk). We are here to help.

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