Walk a Mile for Longer Living


Vitamin D Sunlight Exposure

An energetic walk for just a mile a day can help cancer patients reduce their risk of dying of the disease, according to estimates by charities. MacMillan Cancer Support said that women with breast cancer who walk 20 minutes a day are 40% less likely to die from the condition than inactive patients, while men with prostate cancer are 30% less likely to die of the disease. Bowel cancer patients halved the risk of recurrence by walking 50 minutes a day.

The cancer charity goes on to say that “We cannot continue to turn a blind eye to what is a very simple and obvious solution. Physical activity is a wonder drug and healthcare professionals must prescribe physical activity, such as walking, as a standard part of cancer recovery.”

Just 20 Minutes a Day

The Chief Medical Officer recommends that people get at least two and a half hours of moderate exercise a week. This would mean walking at 3 miles per hour for a bout twenty minutes a day. So, it is my opinion that even if you have a busy schedule as a wife and mother, or if you are a hard-working dad in an office, there will always be a few minutes when you can get out for about of exercise. Living in Scotland as I do, the weather in the winter is often wet and windy. My solution to this is to go to my local shopping centre and walk up and down the shopping mall. I find that even when it is busy that people don’t stand close to the shop windows, so if you walk close to the window you can get up and down the mall several times with ease and without having to bump into other shoppers.

A lady in my town I know was having treatment for skin cancer. Taking the advice that is written in this little paper, but not wanting to be walking about on her own, she joined the local Ramblers. There is a group here in Troon and I am sure that you will find groups in more or less every town in the UK (www.ramblers.org.uk) who operate as part of a charity working to promote and expand the places people love to walk and of course to promote health and pleasure.

In my book (Getting Your Own Back) that tells my tale about how I overcame the debilitating back pain that was ruling my life, there is a section (words and pictures) on warming up before golf that can be used before starting out on any form of exercise. If you would like the link that will allow you to read the entire book on-line and of course to see what I have to say about the importance of warm-ups before exercise, then please send me an email (jim@moss-grove.co.uk) and I will be more than happy to provide the link to my e-book.

Ease your Muscles

Last but not least, it is important to give the muscles every chance to function as properly as they can. Thus before (and after exercise – and this includes gardening) I give the backs of my legs, the cheeks of my bottom (gluteal muscles) and the muscles across the base of my back a good rub with my Muscle Ease lotion. By doing this I cut down the risk of injury, make the muscle suppler and speed up my recovery time after (the oils take lactic acid out of the muscles). Of course my customers tell me that Muscle Ease is great at removing restless legs and muscle cramps.

All in all some words for thought that I hope that you will give your consideration. It may well help to save and extend your own life.

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