Treating Restless Legs and Muscle Cramps


Restless Leg
Restless legs syndrome (RLS) is a bit of a nuisance when all you want to do is to sleep peacefully and you have this continuous craving to move your legs in an effort to relive that awful irritating feeling inside the legs that’s half way between itchy and scratchy, yet in reality is neither of any. The terrible thing is that these involuntary twitching movements can go on through the night.

The sensations can be felt under the sole of the foot, in the calf or even in rarer occasions above the knee. It can display simply as cramp. Leg cramps are commonplace but usually unhazardous but at times they can be very painful. Sadly they seem to happen for no reason and after the cramps (spasms in the muscles that cause them to shorten) have passed the symptoms, the soreness and tender feeling can remain for several hours. On the odd occasion I have cramp in my legs myself. It is painful and in a way it is frightening. It leaves you wanting to stretch the leg to take the get rid of it, but afraid to do so for the fear that it will make it worse.

What causes it?

Causes of cramps can be pregnancy, lack of exercise, and certain types of medication such as those to lower cholesterol (statins), iron deficiency and liver disease. A visit to your GP can alleviate most of these worries but in most cases we find that after checking out any medical conditions, your GP won’t be able to offer any help other than to suggest that you should take more exercise during the day, cut down on tea, coffee and alcohol and ask a partner to massage your legs.

These are all very well, but I can just imagine what kind of reaction I would get to me waking my partner from her slumber at three o’clock in the morning and ask her to massage my legs. If you are an older person, exercise may well be out of the equation, and none of this will be possible.

So what can we do to help?

We developed Muscle Ease some years ago in response to athletic people who had problems with lactic acid in the muscles that cause painful cramp. To make this product perfect, we had to do a number of things. As with all of our skin-care products we start with sunflower oil and water and to this we add a blend of plant-based therapeutic essential oils that are the clever bit – oils that have been famed for hundreds of years for their abilities to overcome muscular problems.

The skin of course is the largest organ in the body and a bit like a sponge it will very quickly absorb anything that you put on it. Thus our athletic customers (and even some famous football and rugby players) have continued to buyMuscle Easeand find that by applying it before and after exercise the muscles are much easier and less tight or painful. Recovery time the next day, especially with some people who have run marathons has been hugely quicker. Best applied ten minutes before going to bed, it will aid a good night’s sleep. Surprise!

Some of our customers of their own volition bought the product for their own leg cramps and muscle spasms caused by restless legs. The reputation for our product and its ability to help restless legs and muscle cramps started to grow as did the lovely letters of thanks that we have received from happy customers. The nice thing is that this product doesn’t have any contra-indications and is gentle and safe for use by anyone (except if you are pregnant). It has a refreshing aroma, brings deep relaxation and is tremendous at relieving muscle spasm and physical tension.

So, if you suffer with any symptoms mentioned here, why don’t you try a bottle? At least then you won’t have to awaken your partner at three in the morning to ask for help. And you have our money-back guarantee if doesn’t work. Given thousands of bottles that we have sold, we are chuffed that we have not had one letter of complaint.

Pregnancy:  We recommend that you would not use this product in the first six months of pregnancy but we are aware that in the later months of pregnancy women do get troubled with restless legs – and especially in the last few weeks. The percentage of oils that we use in this product as with most of our products require a very low dosage to make them work but we want to be on the safe side of things.

If you are pregnant and have any queries, please call the office and Jim or Sheila will be happy to discuss and to help. Office Number: 01292 679135

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