The Secrets Lurking in your Deodorant


Do you ever read the labels of products to see the list of ingredients? Without a degree in chemistry, it can be a challenge to recognise any of the components listed.

Sales of deodorants in the UK last year exceeded £600 million with a 12% and growing share of customers looking for a natural, healthy alternative. This 12% is the customers that turn to natural skin care companies like Moss-Grove and our sister company, SkinLikes. People who are responsible and who are particular about what they put onto their skin. After all, your skin is a thousand open mouths waiting to absorb what you put on it, so why would you want to cover it with products that are full of chemicals? You don’t have to and here is a small list of things you may want to avoid.

Some of the ingredients in popular deodorants:

Triclosan (used as a propellant) commonly known as Agent Orange it was used for deforestation in the Vietnam War – so why would you want to spray your body with something that was used to strip leafs from trees?

Aluminium Zirconium – is used for its properties that help you sweat less. However it is absorbed by the skin where the microscopic atoms of the aluminium and zirconium cause the skin cells to react and swell, compressing the sweat glands and helping to keep them closed – and stopping you from sweating.

Cyclomethicone – a silicone-based substance that is used to treat headlice infestations and does so by dissolving the outer coating of the lice which doesn’t sound good to put on your skin.

Butylphenyl Methylpropional  – a man-made fragrance and skin irritant that in high concentrations causes sperm damage, drowsiness, and breathing difficulties.

Hydroxyisohexyl 3-cyclohexene carboxaldehyde – is used as a synthetic fragrance. Little is known about risk factors associated with this allergen.

Our core philosophy is that there should be an alternative, one that avoids the use of laboratory based ingredients and focuses on what we can utlise from Mother Nature. SkinLikes Natural Deodorant was the product of our results, a completely natural deodorant. See for yourself…

The ingredients in SkinLikes Natural Deodorant:

Pure Scottish water – the elixir of life.
Xanthan Gum – a food-grade thickener used in many products that we eat.
Bicarbonate of Soda – used in cakes when baking. However it makes the deodorant highly alkaline to combat acidity.!
Plant-Based Therapeutic Essential Oils – our secret recipe that make the product work so well.

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