The Secret of Life and Youth


Osteoporosis couple

We all remember the nights in a bedroom where a cloak, or a curtain or a big spider on the wall took on a fantastic outline and quite frankly scared the wits out of us. We were very afraid. Yet as soon as the light of dawn illuminated the shape that had terrified us, it, they became just an ordinary towel, a floppy hat sagging on a hook, a nail in the wall with harmless spider’s web dangling.

In youth and in old age things are just the same. We must discover its weaknesses and its vulnerable points. Our middle years do not inevitably (as some people seem to think) bring physical and moral defeat, the loss of external form and beauty, weariness and dissolution.

Yet this period of our lives should be just a prolongation of a brilliant maturity that we should come to accept as being part of us. Part of what we are. Part of our journey from being a figment of imagination in the thoughts of our mother and father, through to the very beginning of our first cells when we become in the womb an escape of molecules and energy from the planet that surrounds us and to which after we have evolved in every way and form, though our lives however miserable or spectacular they may be, we shall return.

Growing old is an eminently individual matter. As a child we wonder why old folks scurry around, bent as far forward as their old backs will allow, it seems that they constantly look at the ground. Their days of looking skywards gone forever! But, in all of this we don’t begin to understand the concept of ageing. It seems we will never age – it just won’t happen to us – will it?

Life is an eternity and a huge long way from cradle to grave. In youth we completely discount the fact that we will age, that skin will sag, that we can’t run upstairs as we used to, that hair will recede, that we can’t make love all night. In these early days we just don’t appreciate that growing old is the voluntary or involuntary slowing down of the rhythm, until that is, the whole movement comes to a stop!

Thus it is of prime importance to maintain this rhythm, neither to hasten its sequences nor to space them out unduly, while in each of us we must respect the peculiarities of what are, after all it’s our own life.

The first signs of old age

The first sign of grown old, nearly always takes place unnoticed. We rarely sound the alarm because we don’t realise that the fire of old age is aflame. Sensitivity towards noise, retarded reactions to physical activity creep upon us without notice until that is that it is too late.

Elderly stoopIndeed then is when we realise that we tire more easily, our faculty for adaption becomes more difficult. Our physical plane decreases. Our vigour and the very survival in the ups and downs of everyday life become just that little bit more difficult. Our back hurts. Our joints ache. The gait and posture of individuals that we have known for years before begin to change imperceptibly, as do their movements.

We begin to acknowledge people who walk not in an upright condition, staring straight ahead with joy and vigour in their face, but those who we mentioned earlier – are stooped.

Can you cope?

Emotional and even physical shocks during middle age are relatively well received; they are compensated for, we adapt. But as we age these self-same shocks, often of little or no consequence to a youngster can be a mountain to climb and indeed are sometime insurmountable.

When these shocks are violent, the individual compensates often with difficulty. Yet this need not be so. It is after all just a slowing down of a person’s rhythm and a beginning down the path of anatomical ageing. Something that we should be able to come to terms with, control and indeed overcome!

Wear and tear

Of course when the body no longer makes good its wear and tear; when it can no longer adapt itself to new physiological and physical conditions, then the balance is broken and ageing is the punishment. But, we all have or should have a will to live. And if we, on a daily basis allow ourselves a little care and attention, then we can overcome all that has happened before and protect us for what is ahead.

So far so good! Now what can we do to help?

Linus Pauling in his book ‘Cancer and Vitamin C’ wrote about his studies at the Vale of Leven hospital in Dumbarton (west of Scotland) in 1970. Here he compared patients who were given traditional chemotherapy with those who accepted the high dose of vitamin C (and other vitamins) that were found to have great value in controlling cancer.

Oranges Vitamin COf course it seems that the large drug companies, who in a way seem to rule the world these days have, little interest in vitamin C (ascorbic acid) as after all it may seem to them ascorbic acid is of little commercial value. The recipe has long lost its protected status. Anyone can make it. Yet in 1972 Irwin Stone in his book ‘The Healing Factor: Vitamin C Against Disease’ has chapters on the value of vitamin C in controlling the common cold, viral and bacterial infections, cancer, heart disease and stroke, arthritis and rheumatism, aging, allergies and asthma, eye conditions, etc. And thus it would seem that by taking a daily dose, that it can protect our own lives and indeed prolong them – by years if we are of reasonably good health – and by precious weeks or even days if the prognosis is bad.

Ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) is available in fizzy tablet form but most experts recommend getting it from a diet high in fruits and vegetables rather than taking supplements. However if you do decide to take it dissolved in water it is best to ensure that the tablet doesn’t contain the sweetener Aspartame that gets such bad press.

Vitamin C is naturally occurring in countless fruits and vegetable. Kiwi fruits seem to be top of the list. Red Bell Peppers are also great. They offer lots of vitamin C when eaten raw and are best eaten in July, August and September, while Broccoli offers super vitamin C content. Although oranges and orange juice (that has not been pasteurised to kill off bacteria) are often considered one of the greatest sources, the majority of the fruits vitamin C is found in the peel, which is generally not consumed. Historically vitamin C was used for preventing and treating scurvy, but given the link between scurvy and cancer suggests that perhaps upping your daily dose may make some sense.

Of course there are other things that we can do to help, but for the sake of this little newsletter, accept the common-sense we offer, for the time being.

Sex and sexuality

Of course some men may consider that maybe they are ageing when they notice the decline of the sexual faculties: the wear and tear brought about by the rat-race, stress and the general outlook on life. Stress kills. It is a fact. Thus it does make sense to read (if you have not done so already) one of the previously written Moss-Grove Health Articles: Hypertension (High Blood Pressure) where you can read our simple breathing exercise that will help reduce stress and lower blood pressure that in turn may prolong your own life, if accepted as part of your daily routine.

The sexual life of women on the other hand is more dependent on her appearance. While a man has functions that are exogenous and extraverted, women on the other hand being introverted and indogenous will grow older by deficiency.

Being the child-bearer and the guardian of the race, she ensures continuity, but one day in the street, the man at the wheel of his car no longer stops for her, the knowing smile, the good natured glance disappears. Thus it is of utmost importance to a woman that she must protect her attractiveness.

Rejuvenating lotionOf course at Moss-Grove where we produce our lovely Rejuvenating Lotion that contains a carefully selected blend of plant-based therapeutic essential oils that might perhaps prevent premature skin ageing. Naturally, we don’t make any false claims that it will provide eternal youth, but the letters that we receive from satisfied customers suggest that we have indeed developed a product that should have a place on every woman’s dressing table. In a way it may help even the youngest of skins to age gracefully.

The Hindus maintain that the span of a human life cannot be counted in years but in the number of respirations. To endure is to renew oneself without cease, according to a true rhythm which it is important to preserve. Life is movement. Chronological time does not influence its rhythm, movement sequences or transformation, but by leading a clean and healthy life, eating a healthy diet, staying mostly stress-free, allowing the thousand mouths on your skin to absorb simple products such as those that we produce at Moss-Grove, then it may with ease and little disturbance allow us to seamlessly re-join the Cosmos from which we came.

The incredible values of Essential Oils

Essential OilsThe health-giving properties of the plant-based therapeutic essential oils that are the integral and active ingredients in every Moss-Grove product are well documented. Such oils have been in use for thousands of years. They protect the plants in many ways. They kill bacteria, viruses, parasites and fungi, repel insects – and they do the same for humans.

Skin is the primary organ of absorption for essential oils (that are diluted to a safe concentration) and is the reason why Moss-Grove skin-care products are successful in taking the active ingredients straight to the area of concern. Our Rejuvenating Lotion contains a blend of oils that are designed to prevent the skin from becoming dry by restoring moisture and invigorating the tissues, leaving them visibly softer and smoother, which in turn helps remove wrinkles.

Of course we don’t make wild claims about how this may be the source of youthfulness, nor would have you join the merry band of wanderers who continually subject their bodies to one more session of liposuction, face-lifts or whatever that just add to their mummified look long before they have left this mortal coil.

Why subject your body to these sorts of traumas, when simple, sensible things such as leading a stress-less life, eating a healthy, balanced diet, exercising and drinking plain old water are there for all of us to see and to grasp.

Old age is a state, but not a civil status. It is considered the enemy of our existence. The forerunner of our end! Ageing is a threat and is an entity which reminds us of objects of hanging darkness, objects which assume a terrifying aspect. But it doesn’t need to be so. Keep Smiling and be happy!

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