The Genetics of Living Longer, Healthier Lives


Vitamin D Sunlight Exposure

It is an undisputable fact that some people look younger than they really are. The question is why? Is it the fact that avoiding disease in our younger days allows that this will delay ageing, or indeed are there other answers to this question?

The oldest woman in the world is 116 and lives in Japan. She celebrated her birthday just a week or two ago and when she was being interviewed about the secret of long life, rather than giving an answer of eating porridge for breakfast ever day or never drinking alcohol, in fact she surprised the interviewer by simply saying that her secret was everything in moderation. Indeed as she spoke she was enjoying a glass of wine. She eats fresh fruits and vegetables, drinks plenty of water, enjoys fish and meats, in her younger days she exercised and enjoyed an active life. But, everything was done in moderation and in all of this she has delayed ageing, which in turn delays disease.

Start Young

Functioning better when you are young is sadly something that seems to be ignored today. Sitting on the sofa glued to a smart-phone or tablet is the norm, rather than leading, as I did, an active life where every day after school I couldn’t wait to get out playing football with all of my chums. I walked to and from school a distance of four miles each way. I never gave it a thought. Today our children want mum to take them everywhere in the car. Legs and feet are becoming redundant. So exercise (again moderately – even as you age) has in my opinion something to say about how you can avoid disease in later life.

Of course there are drug companies (such as Merk and Isis) who are working hard examining genes and phenotypes in an effort to find the ‘secret of youth’. These are decent, honourable companies who are studying peptides and the mitochondria (our cellular power-plants) that generate most of the individual cells inside us, trillions of little factories that supply us with adenosine triphosphate (ATP for short) the production of which we just cannot survive without.

ATP, what is it?

Our bodies are composed of trillions of individual cells and every day, millions of cells die and are replaced by millions of new ones. Each cell draws in amino acid that it finds in the food that we eat, oxygen that we breathe in (although we actually breathe in more nitrogen) and converts this to carbon dioxide (that we exhale) water (we all make two pints every day) – and of course the life giving ATP.

Apart from supplying cellular energy, Mitochondria are involved in other things such as signalling, cellular differentiation, cell cycle, cell growth and cell death and they are also implicated in and play a role in things such as cardiac dysfunction and the very aging process itself.

Diet is key

To help our bodies at a cellular level it is my opinion that dietetics plays an important part and is something that we can influence. It is one field that is more important than any other to avoid old age and to preserve the youthfulness of mind and body. In other words, much as our Japanese lady said, we should eat properly.
Now I don’t for a minute intend to give an irksome recapitulation of all the possible food diets that consist of useless privations where food is completely tasteless, but I do prefer to use my God-given senses of smell and taste that are paramount in our meals.

They are the true weapons which nature has given us against the elements that threaten our existence. We do not have to ask instinct what we should eat. To make a choice, to judge whether something is good or bad, we simply use the information provided by our senses of taste and smell. The animal, whose sense of smell is extremely well developed, also chooses and is warned by the latter.

We know that the stomach and the small intestine secrete the necessary juices for the good of the digestion of food but it is a fact that this happens under the influence of agreeable odours and taste. Thinking of eating something delicious or even smelling something that we can’t see can make you begin to salivate. In a way the food that we eat becomes nourishment when we begin to digest it. Preparing for this digestion begins by properly masticating the food and then continues in the stomach and over this, we have much control.

Skin is Vital

Of course the health and long-life of an individual person (our Japanese woman – Misao Okawa) for example, depends not just on what we eat but how also we look after our skin, where the health of the skin of an individual person depends on the good functioning of the capillaries. The skin after all is the largest organ in our bodies and yet how many of us care about what we put on it on a daily basis. Why for example are more people suffering these days with liver damage and disease? The fact is that our skin is a thousand open mouths waiting to absorb what we put on it and everything that we put on it ends up by being transmitted through the liver. It is an important site of metabolism of carbohydrates, proteins and fats, synthesises-blood clotting substances, and has an important role in the detoxification of poisonous substances. But we can overload and damage the liver system by continually slobbering toxic chemicals onto our skin.

I don’t think that many of our customers at Moss-Grove are aware of much of what I have written here, but I am very aware that we have lots of lovely lady customers who are very keen on skin-care. To help in this, they buy our Rejuvenating Lotion on a regular basis. They are happy in the decision that by purchasing a product that uses a sunflower oil and water base, combined with the blend of plant-based therapeutic essential oils that are the wonderful active ingredients, they know that the use of this product will help rather than harm and is perhaps the reason why so many of them have lovely skin and just maybe – happy livers as well.

At our sister company our ever-growing band of happy customers are pleased to purchase what may well be the most-natural deodorant in the world. It uses food-grade ingredients and nothing else, and where our motto is – “if you can eat the ingredients then you can surely and safely put them on your skin.”

There is much to consider in this article, but I hope that I have provided some food for thought. My writings on these subjects will continue in weeks to come, but by taking on board some of my suggestions might just make you one of the people who look younger that you really are?

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