The Emotional Brain

How it Works and how to Disperse Deep Emotions

Vitamin D Sunlight Exposure

Info: What I want you to do here is to think of your body and all of the parts in it.  Then think of the brain and imagine it as being a library. The emotional part of it has a librarian that files and catalogues our emotional memories and when we experience an emotion, she (let’s call her a woman) takes it in and files it somewhere in your body. It could be your heart, your lungs, your feet indeed anywhere inside you. Then, in order to recall and access that memory, the emotional brain has to locate it in its card index and call it up from wherever it has been stored and then pass it to the frontal lobes of your brain where it can be consciously recalled.

Baggage: We store emotions that we have faced, dealt with and accepted. We can recall such emotions, but they do not control us, give us pain or make us sick. Yet emotions that we have not accepted nor dealt with are stored as repressed emotional energy, waiting for a future time when we can deal with them. In a way, they are unfinished business. Chosen not yet to accept, they keep us reminded of their existence in a variety of negative ways. They can cause pain and illness and breakdowns in our system that can be physical, mental or emotional and spiritual, affecting our health and behaviour in ways we cannot explain. How many times have to said to yourself in reprimand “why did I do that”? When you have a second or two to consider an immediate reaction to a mini-crisis, e.g. the fellow who cut in front of you in a traffic jam when there was no space to do so, you often feel regret – for an instant. Yet this is an unnecessary response caused by something hidden deep inside us. So what can we do about it?

Peace and calm: The aromas in all essential oils are the active ingredients and they are in every Moss-Groveand Skinlikes product too. They touch our emotions in ways that cannot be reached by any other means. They help us mend. The roots of our illness stem from buried emotions and the oils can assist in releasing the blocks to our health and happiness. Applied topically they uplift our spirit, bringing peace and calm. They affect our state of health as do the oils in Joint-Ease and indeed all of our products are all there to do their job, to help repair, to bring peace and at the very least to keep under control a health problem that may be within us.

Happiness: It is good to smile and good to laugh – and to do so every day. Essential oils can help in this. Mint has been suggested as an oil of gladness. Others include rosewood, roman chamomile, bergamot, mandarin, lemon, ylang ylang and geranium. Powerful, healing oils that are uplifting and bring a state of cheerfulness, elevating the immune system, which is very important.

Therapeutic: Healing oils have been around for thousands of years, yet the big drug companies and pharmaceutical giants won’t touch them because they can’t patent an essential oil, and as such they won’t make products with these life helping properties. We are not a conglomerate but we value our customers – and we are here to help you heal and in the process, perhaps clear something that has been bothering you for a long time.

Can we help? If you have a health problem that simply won’t go away and you consider that just perhaps there is some form of emotion deep inside you that could do with being released, perhaps something as far back as childhood, then we would like to help. We have a huge amount of experience in the use of oils and so we suggest that you get in touch or send a letter to the office. Tell us what your problem is (without revealing anything particularly sensitive) and we will use our skills to make a blend of oils specially for you. We will then post it back to you with instructions on how to use it. The cost won’t be great.