The Alternative Remedy for Bursitis?


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I am blessed to live in Troon on the west coast of Scotland and in a town that has six golf courses, with one being Royal Troon that hosts the Open Championship from time to time. I love my golf and look upon it as an excellent form of exercise – and not a waste of a good walk as some people will describe it. My course is nearly 7000 yards in length and it takes about four hours to walk round as I do. I eat a healthy diet and I try to keep my weight steady – saying which I could probably do with losing a few pounds and I drink plenty of water every day (at least three pints) and last but not least I warm up before playing golf (see my book  ‘Getting  Your Own Back’ for advice on this).

So, with all of this, I don’t usually suffer from injuries. However I must have lost a ball into the long grass and in playing out I may have twisted my knee. There is a sort of adrenalin rush when you play golf and most-times people don’t feel that they have injured themselves until usually after the game is finished.

Golfing Aches

As I walked up the steps of the club-house at the end of my game, I noticed that my left knee was painful. In the locker-room I was getting ready for a shower to freshen me up and looked down at my knee, only to find that I had an unsightly swelling below my left knee. I have never had anything like this prior, and if I didn’t know so much about a human being works, I would have been scared and went straight to my doctor.

However, I recognised this as a bit of bursitis – or housemaid’s knee as it sometimes known. My wife Sheila’s mum many, many years ago worked as a housekeeper in a large mansion in Sussex. Given all of the manual labour that folks had to do in those days – down on your knees for hours –scrubbing floors to keep them clean, I am sure resulted in the fact that lots of women like her mum who worked in ‘service’ suffered with this type of problem.

What is Bursitis?

Bursitis results from an injury to the bursa – a sac of fibrous tissue that is filled with synovial fluid and that acts as a cushion between moving parts of the body – such as the joints in the knee – and works to reduce friction. They are normally formed around joints and in places where ligaments and tendons pass over bones but can be formed by the body to help protect places in response to unusual pressure or friction.

People who are overweight will have more bursa’s and in all likelihood a bigger chance of having bursitis, because of the un-necessary pressure that the excess weight puts on the joints. On the other hand, people like me who are ‘reasonably’ fit may end up with bursitis as the result of an injury – as the turning motion on joints that the body goes though when playing golf, does. Bursitis produces pain and tenderness and restricts movement and is the reason why I limped painfully up the steps of the clubhouse.

Bursitis Treatment

Treatment of bursitis (caused by injury) is by rest and by corticosteroid injection. Rest is fair enough, but I do like to walk and with the busy life that I lead, I have I need to get around, while injections of this substance affect the very tissues that they are trying to fix. I had to look for a ‘natural’ resolve to my problem.

Puzzled as I was, as to why I had the bursitis I had my shower and then sat down to put my trousers on. Looking down at my unsightly knee, I remembered that I had a bottle of Joint Ease in my locker. Now I know how good Joint Ease is at helping ease the pain and mobility of my crumbling spine when I apply it every day – but I had never used it on bursitis. However, given that I had little choice other than to apply the Joint Ease or the Natural After-Shave lotion and After Sun that I also keep in my locker, I decided to apply some of the Joint Ease – and did so liberally to both knees. I put on my trousers and went into the clubhouse lounge.

Alternative Remedy?

Sheila came to collect me about an hour later and asked why I was limping. I gave her my tale of woe and we went home for tea. Next morning I awoke. Slipped out of bed and looked down at the knee. You can imagine my amazement to discover that the bursitis has gone. The swelling had disappeared and my knee was pain free. I walked up and down the bedroom to confirm to myself that it was true – indeed it was a little miracle.

Of course from now on, given all that I know about Joint Ease I will be applying it not only along the length of my spine (a series of ‘joints’) before I go out to play golf, I shall also be applying it to my knees.

Last but not least, I would like to share my good-fortune with you. So if you have bursitis, or you know of anyone who does, then please get in touch by writing or emailing and I will be happy to offer some free supplies and to monitor, as many times as possible, just how effective our Joint Ease is in helping ease the problems of bursitis.

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