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We use our hands in a hundred different ways every day and we just take it for granted. Cooking, making the bed, reading the newspaper, putting on make-up, typing on the computer, practicing your sport. Your hands are working for you nearly every minute of every day of every week, and you don’t think much about them.

But when your hands hurt, it reminds us that like every other part of the body, they need a bit of TLC –and especially so if your finger joints are arthritic. Hands and and fingers are important. Life without them is extremely difficult. And so our suggestion is to have a think about it before daily activities become a painful ordeal and your overall quality of life declines. Think about it – What would you do if you can’t hold a toothbrush or open a can of beans or whatever in the kitchen. Life would be awful.

To help increase the strength of your fingers and the range of motion, three things are important:

Enervating the joints for Healthy Hands: What on earth is this you may ask? Is it safe? Is it gentle? Does it require special equipment? Well the answer to all of this is “no”. Simply stated every finger or indeed any joint in the body has a lubricant (synovial fluid) in the middle, that stops the cartilage rubbing together. It is important to keep this in good condition as it’s the engine oil, the lubricant in the body. It’s a bit like lubricating the hinges on a squeaky door that were dry and rubbing against each other. A bit like putting ‘engine oil’ in your car and by keeping the synovial fluid in good condition, it cuts down the risk of damage – and painful inflammation.
Synovial fluid is a clear, pale yellow fluid that can be found in every joint in our bodies. It is there to allow the bones that make up the joints to be able to slide past each other without causing damage to the bone ends. It protects the cartilage that protects the bone ends and provides a slip membrane and as a result there is less friction and resistance when you bend your finger joints.

So how can you help?

Take a finger joint of one hand and place the thumb of the other hand on top of the joint. Press firmly so that the thumb grips the skin on the finger joint and then start to make some small circular motions round and round while holding the same spot on the joint. Move the thumb a little to a new position on the finger. Grip the skin and once again start making circular motions round and round in circles. Complete the exercise until you have worked your way around the entire joint. Then go on to the next finger joint. Use another finger if you find it difficult using your thumb.

Don’t worry if when you do this exercise you find it nippy or uncomfortable at first. If you leave the joint for a while and then go back and try again, you will find that the pain has eased. It is really good if you perform this exercise daily. I often do it while I sit watching TV or travelling on the bus or train.

Use some Joint Ease: We all know how good this product is for every joint in the body – and especially so now that the winter months are upon us. Get into the habit of applying a little Joint-Ease and massage into the joints after you have enervated. The essential oils in the blend will work a miracle and deep down at a microscopic level they will reduce the inflammation and pain while improving the mobility. The stuff won’t work if you keep it in the bottle, so why not make it part of your daily routine.

Vitamin C: A daily dose of ‘five-a-day’ fruit or vegetables will help your body build collagen – the connective tissue in the body. You don’t need a supplement if you have the five a day as the body will simply excrete the vitamin C that it doesn’t need. However, vitamin C is so important to us and daily dosage will increase life expectancy. It is too big a subject for this article, so just accept that what I write is the truth. The plan that I have is to write more fully about this in the coming weeks.

So there you have it – three simple things to do that will help keep the joints in your fingers, stronger and more pain-free than ever before, while the cost in all of this, just a few pence a day. Why don’t you have a think about it?

All in all some words for thought that I hope that you will give your consideration. It may well help to save and extend your own life.

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