Spring Clean Your Liver & Kidneys


Essential Oils

Do you ever get up in the morning and say ‘thank you heart, thank you lungs, liver and kidneys for keeping me alive while I slept last evening’. Like most, if not all of us, we simply take these bodily functions for granted and yet, without them, we couldn’t exist.

The liver is an extremely important organ of the body and if not working properly can give rise to a wide range of physical and mental problems. The liver handles over 50,000 chemical functions. It cleans and filters the blood. It is in charge of metabolising fats, sugars and proteins. It cleans toxins form the body. It breaks down drugs and other chemicals. It produces enzymes to help digest food, and bile to help emulsify and absorb fats. It produces and regulates cholesterol. It regulates hormones and hormone production. In all it’s an incredible bit of machinery that most of us simply take for granted.

Liver Problems

Anyone who has lots of allergies, especially spring and autumn hay fever and sensitivity to chemicals, would be well advised to do a liver cleanse. A well-functioning liver is a major factor in an individual’s overall health and there are many causes of liver congestion such as a diet that is too high in carbohydrates or protein, while of course excessive alcohol intake can cause all sorts of problems as indeed can long-term medications. It is important to speak to your doctor and ask him to carry out a liver function test once a year – by taking and examining some of your blood.

It was discovered in 1995 that the liver could completely regenerate itself. Amazingly, when two thirds of the liver is removed in surgery, it will, grow back to full size very quickly indeed. If transplanted, it will adjust to the size of the recipient whether larger or smaller.

So, given the fact that we have such a clever organ inside us, surely we should be doing all that we can to help it. Of course there are all sorts of cleansing options available but we like to take a safer route.

Nature’s Liver Cleanse

Carrot Liver CleanseCarrot juice has long been known as an excellent liver cleanse, but because of its high glycaemic index it is often mixed with other juices such as beetroot juice and I find this to be an excellent combination. Carrots are rich in in minerals and beta carotene that will support and rebuild the liver, while the body converts the carotene to Vitamin A which we have many uses for.

Not only is the beet juice good for liver ailments such and jaundice, it is also excellent for the gall-bladder and kidneys. I drink 4 ounces of mixed beet and carrot juice in the morning. Gulping down the juice can lead to a plunge of blood sugar, so it’s best to sip at intervals until it’s gone. Remember that beetroot can occasionally colour your urine but this will pass and is nothing to worry about.

You can make carrot juice yourself (from organic carrots) but I find it simpler to buy it form a safe source such as James White who have their own farm in Norfolk. I buy a case of twelve bottles at a time of organic carrot juice and the lovely beetroot juice they make too. I have also seen it on the supermarket shelves if you would like to sample a bottle to start with.

The basic idea of a liver cleanse is to rest the liver and let it cleanse and heal by itself, while eating foods that are easy to digest and healing to the liver. These foods include raw fruits and vegetables, especially dark green leafy vegetables. I also have a bit of fun some days by eating one fruit or vegetable from red, orange, green, yellow, purple and blue. It’s easier to do than you think and each fruit and vegetable has its own vitamins and minerals that in their own way help the body and are so important to us.

Nature’s Kidney Cleanse

Cleaning the kidneys is simple. All you have to do is to juice a whole lemon and drink this with some warmish water, first thing in the morning.

I do this once a month and find it very beneficial. So, there you have it, a simple way to spring-clean the liver and kidneys. Your body will love you for giving it a little bit of TLC.

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