SkinLikes: Stay Ahead of the Trends

SkinLikes: Stay Ahead of the Trends

SkinLikes – Put some shizzle into your life

Stay ahead of the trends and keep a pulse on the community. This new unisex brand is here to stay.

Isn’t it totally awks when you buy some deo and it leaves white marks on your best band shirts, sports top, cowboy shirts, flannels or even a fitted hoodie, but yolo, it’s your life so why don’t you take control and chillax.

Are you one who buys labelled stuff, or are you hip and look for an independent, small retailer? If so, then it’s totally deck to identify yourself with us.

We are anti materialism, and we are into conserving the environment. Our packaging is minimalist and everything is made from stuff from that can be recycled. The ingredients are grown in fields by small artisan producers where we have complete traceability.

An independent spirit, you are a trail-blazer and you are cool, amazing and light-years ahead of everyone else’s thinking. Someday, others will come around and agree that you cottoned on to something that really matters. Early adopters like you are niche and by purchasing from us you are rejecting blind consumerism.

Messy hairdos are fine and if you don’t have time to shower regularly, then pander to your own self-esteem and don’t wash, just swipe away the wiffs with a lovely product that’s natural, healthy, vegan and vegetarian too.Our principal blender has 20-year’s experience in the use of plant-based therapeutic essential oils and we have used this experience to finally create an intense formulation that really works. It’s a silky-smooth, super rich deodorant that applied to skin is quickly and easily absorbed and leaves no white marks on clothes. It’s simply elegant and hey, it’s for guys as well as girls and made in small quantities its fresh every day that we sell it.

Knowledgeable folks like you know about food, its effects, and where it comes from and you eat healthfully and organically. You have learned about cruelty to animals and the effects of the mass meat industry on the environment, so the Power of a Natural Deodorant that’s completely organic and natural in every way, will keep you taking the ‘green approach’. Check out SkinLikes Deodorant in our store here.

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