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Our Philosophy

Our company beliefs are as simple as our ingredients. Moss-Grove is an honest brand that is becoming ever more recognisable in the natural health market and our customers are buying into purity and quality. By making an emotional investment in our products and enjoying the benefits, our customers return time and time again.

We want you to know that you are getting value and quality for your hard earned money, we initially expanded our business purely on word of mouth and recommendation to the point where we now sell worldwide.

We are committed to providing a top-class service and don’t charge a penny extra for delivery no matter where in the UK you are located.

CustomersYour health comes first, with no exceptions

We do not, and will not, use any ingredients that may be harmful to your body. Our products are made from natural ingredients using essential oils that have been helping people for hundreds of years.

Modern medicines and products often contain ingredients that can cause reactions, damage and side effects.

We research and develop products that don't.

We also look out for the planet and its inhabitants

Mother NatureOur lotions won't harm you or the planet that we live in and are suitable for everyone, including those who suffer from allergies and vegetarians. None of our products are tested on animals and we only source the most natural, sustainable ingredients.

If Mother Nature is generous enough to provide our ingredients, we'll make sure we look after her. We are also registered with the Rainbow Valley Charity Group donating a percentage of every purchase towards a great cause. Helping those who help others.

Customers are at the heart of Moss-Grove

Communication is the foundation of the brand that we have built and is why we want to hear from you. Of course we consider that our customer service is faster and more efficient than any of our competitors and is what makes us stand out from the crowd. We hope that you will agree. Of course we will be pleased to respond to any comment that you have to make.

Our website features an article section that allows us to publish information we think will benefit our customers and our ever growing file of customer satisfaction messages is the fuel that keeps us doing what we do best.