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Our People

We have several key members of the team.

Jim Steele

James SteeleThe Moss-Grove anatomy and physiology expert! After suffering for years with debilitating back muscle spasms that seriously hindered his mobility, he found a natural therapy in Australia that saved and irrevocably changed his life.

Studies in anatomy & physiology in Scotland and later in Australia with the Bowen Therapy Academy gave him the ability to understand how the human body works. Fully qualified, he worked for 16 years at his much-respected centre in Glasgow, treating people who suffered with the back-pain and other injuries, but his focus was always on how and why plant-based therapeutic essential oils work.

Jim has studied with respected academics and essential oil experts such as Dr Janet Travell, Dr Katerina Svoboda and the US neural therapy expert Gene Dobkin. The growth of Moss-Grove resulted in the decision to close the Glasgow clinic and to concentrate on the core business, but his relationship with academics at Scottish and other Universities continue to this day and include several current research projects.

Sheila Steele

James SteeleOur essential oil expert and a wife, mother and grandmother! Sheila studied and worked as a nurse. She had an interest in all-things natural and in 1990 gained her certificate from the Institute of Clinical Aromatherapy.

Sheila has been the catalyst in the understanding of oils as a medical therapy. While essential oils have been adopted as glamorous ingredients for cosmetics and perfumes, she explores the molecular make-up of the major essential oils, their composition, biosynthesis, and effects in healing – including their action as anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and ant-viral agents. Her knowledge of natural ingredients coupled with Jim's understanding of the human body makes for a wonderful synergy in our team that helped Moss-Grove grow to the level we have accomplished today.

Anthony Steele

Anthony SteeleThe Biologist of the family, Anthony is the son of Jim and Sheila.

He studied at Edinburgh University and gained a BSc in Molecular Biology. His knowledge and expertise is invaluable in understanding the inner workings and effectiveness of the molecules found in essential oils.