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The skin is the largest organ in the body and has several important functions, not least it’s our protective covering, yet there are few of us who don’t have a brown or red spot or some other imperfection. But the skin is a thousand open mouths waiting to absorb what you put on it and with so many products these days containing micro-beads (thankfully now banned in the UK) and other nasty chemicals that have hard to pronounce names, never mind understanding what they are doing to us, it is so important to consider what do you put on it.

Exercise is good for overall health as it helps us to sweat and rid itself of unwanted toxins. Steam baths, saunas and such are great but always remember that you must drink plenty of water to help your body do its job.
Honey is simply fantastic for skin. However, there is one drawback in this – that most of the honey sold in supermarkets these days has been modified in one way or another. Honey is naturally antibacterial and so it’s great for acne and such like but it’s important to try and find raw honey if you can. Bee-keepers I find are usually lovely people who always want to help and they are easy to find on-line.

One fellow local to me sold me two jars of this year’s crop. He told me that all that had been taken from it was a bee wing or leg or other small bit of debris from the hive. His wife had scalded her had herself a week or so earlier and went to her doctor. He told her that she would probably lose the skin. However, she decided to coat her burned skin with honey and then she covered (protected) it with a rubber glove. A week of looking after her skin and she told me that it was as if the honey caused her to heal from the inside out. She didn’t lose the skin and indeed there is no mark to show where the burn was.

Carrot Juice has often been known as a tremendous liver cleanse. Mixed with beetroot juice it’s an excellent combination and if your liver is in good condition, so will be your skin. Carrots revitalise and purify the blood, they are rich in minerals that support and rebuild the liver. A toxic and damaged liver reduces its capacity to store Vitamin A, without which inflammations and infections begin to attack the skin. Please juts sip it though, don’t gulp it down at once as this will floor your blood sugar level.

Healthful oils such as flaxseed, evening primrose, blackcurrant seed and fish oils are great, with unrefined, cold-pressed being best. A good rule of thumb is to take a teaspoon with a meal. Apart from giving your body the right kind of oil that it needs, it will prevent you from overeating – sometimes we keep eating because the body is searching for the nutrients that it needs.

Don’t clog your pores. The skin is a major temperature regulator of the body but if it can’t breathe because of blocked pores, the body will have a difficult time in extreme weather. Skin lotions, sun-tan lotions, moisturising soaps and such like can block the pores and it gets worse if your colon, liver or kidneys are unable to eliminate toxins through the skin – with the result being that clogged pores = skin infections acne and blemishes.

Epsom Salts and a few drops of clove oil in the bath will help draw toxins out of the skin. But just be aware that essential oils themselves in high doses are toxic, so it’s always best to mix it straight into the bath water. Don’t drip oils onto the plastic of the bath surround or you may find that it stains – and you won’t be able to remove it.

Red, orange, green, yellow and purple fruits and vegetables each contain different minerals and vitamins that build different body systems. Yellow fruits and vegetables for example act as laxatives and tonics while green vegetables are rejuvenators, being rich in chlorophyll, a great blood builder. It’s good to eat as many of these raw if you can. I hated broccoli as child, now I love it raw in salad. It has a lovely taste on its own and with all fruits and vegetables it contains enzymes that helps digest food and will assist in the body in getting rid of chemicals and toxins.

Bananas and apricots are an excellent source of potassium that help to balance the salt that we typically consume every day in pre-prepared food – and probably the reason why it’s best to cook your own from scratch.
Last but not least – juice a whole lemon and drink it in a glass of water every morning. It will help the cleansing of kidneys (and even the liver and lymph).

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