Moss-Grove VS Goliath


Natural After Sun Lotion

Where we started from

Moss-Grove started trading seriously about three years ago. Prior to this we made small amounts of lotions at the clinic where Jim specialises in treating people who suffer with back-pain. These were the result of studies by Sheila (Jim’s wife) in clinical aromatherapy where she began to understand how plant-based essential oils are so beneficial in our daily lives.

The first product that we made (now known as Skin Repair) was for a lady who came to get her back fixed at the clinic. In the process she told Jim about the problem that she had with painful cracked heels that many women suffer from. Sheila carried out some research and some days later produced her first ever bottle. Needless to say we were all pleasantly surprised and happy when the woman came to the clinic to show the cracks in her heels that had healed. The product remains very popular to this day where we sell it not only to woman, but to farmers, motor mechanics and other workers who use their hands on a daily basis.

Jim studied anatomy, physiology and Bowen Therapy and has a good understanding of how our human bodies work. When we combine this with the skills that Sheila has and the work that both of them have put in during the last ten years garnering evidence from around the world about how and why essential oils worked, combined with research work that has been completed at a number of Scottish universities this has resulted in the development of the products that we have and are working on for launch in the year ahead. In the process we have been fortunate to find some eminent scientific figures who are particularly skilled in the use of essential oils and who have helped us evolve our knowledge and core business.

Our Customers

Of course none of this would be possible without help from YOU the customers who purchase our products regularly and who spread the word about their effectiveness. We have a customer base that spans the globe and we are driven by the wonderful customer feedback that we receive.

Prices of raw materials keep going up as does the cost of postage that Royal Mail charge. We are aware that a noticeable segment of our customers are of pensionable age and may not have disposable income that will allow them to purchase as they might wish to but it is that we keep evolving ways to hold our prices stable.

Free Postage

One such method is a discount that we have managed to agree with Royal Mail for postage costs. We have passed this on to you by way of offering FREE POSTAGE on every and any order in the UK  – no matter the size of the parcel.

You may note that some of the prices have gone up a little, but in actual fact if you do the sums including the free delivery, you will see that there has been no overall price increase, indeed in some categories there is a price reduction making your regular order cheaper.

Healthcare Corporations

Accepting that we are a small company when compared to the to the corporations who monopolise the world of medicine and health care we think that we have done pretty well to get to where we are just now.

We can see no other company anywhere in the world who has extensively carried out, as we have done, a cytotoxic test on their deodorant products. Ours was tested at Glasgow Caledonian University where Professor Kofi Aidoo in his report writes ‘Products with parabens and petrochemicals normally show at least 50% cell death within a matter of a few hours. Moss-Grove products showed relatively low levels of cell death and are therefore less likely to be toxic to living cells.’

A copy of this paper is available to anyone as will be the paper that will evolve in the autumn after we have carried out a further test at university in the north of England that we have set in motion, simply to corroborate the result from Glasgow. As we say – we can’t see any other deodorant manufacturer willing or able to demonstrate the same ability to with their product.

Indeed we would be pleased to submit our product for comparison in a test to demonstrate (a) the effectiveness and (b) the safety of their deodorant. However as we say, in all of this we are David when compared to the Goliaths in the industry but we hold our own.

Truth in Advertising

In all, we hold high a commitment to work with our loyal customers to provide products that are pure and wholesome and to do so at prices that are as moderate as we can make them and one last thing, we have in everything we do ‘Truth in Advertising’ and we’ll stand by this in face of goliath.

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