Living with Back Pain

Back pain sufferersJim Steele had a mid-life crisis soon after his 45th birthday. Arguably, his was more serious than most. After years of chronic back pain, doctors told him his condition could not be treated by further medical intervention. He would just have to learn to live with it, cope by using pain relief and get around by wheelchair if personal mobility was absolutely essential.

Jim reached rock bottom that day. He had finally run out of solutions. A small army of doctors, osteopaths and chiropractors had kept him going, patching him up for a day, a week, maybe a few months at best. What he did not realise was that treatments like cortisone injections were actually making him worse. Like footballers and sportspeople of a generation ago, he was masking the pain rather than dealing with its underlying cause.

He tried to live life as normally as possible, in between periods when he could not get out of his house or drive his car. A rare visit to his local golf club, and his life changed suddenly and very much for the better. The club professional mentioned, as an aside almost, that there was someone visiting the area who sorted backs. It was a spur of the moment thing. Jim had never been a believer in alternative therapies, but five sessions with this visiting therapist he could put his socks on. Not the world’s greatest achievement, but to him it was like climbing Mount Everest.

Given the relief that this therapy afforded, Jim decided on a change of career (from quantity surveyor to therapist). His book entitled ‘Getting Your Own Back’ tells his story. Sadly there are no printed copies left, however, if you have a computer or access to one, send an mail to and he will send you the book over the internet that you can read on-line.

Jim ran successful clinics in Troon, Ayrshire and in Glasgow for 16 years where he specialised in treating people who suffer with pain. He keeps his back pain under control by daily use of both his Joint Ease and Muscle Ease lotions. But there are other things that you can do to help yourself if like him, you suffer with back pain. Walking is great. Even if you are old, or if its windy or icy and you can’t get out of the house, just get up from the chair every hour or so and walk round the house. You may also like to to try a simple, safe exercise that Jim uses. Its called the Psoas exercise and you do it in bed in the morning before you get up – before you are weight bearing. By doing this in bed, you bring your pelvic floor back into line and make it level, before you start to move. If you would like a copy or have any questions at all about back pain or indeed any muscular or joint problem, then send an email, or give us a call 01292 679135 or write a note to Moss-Grove Natural Products, Craiksland, by Loans, Troon, KA10 7HN and Jim will be more than happy to give you advice based on his experience and share with you his secrets of – living a life without pain.

Jim drinks a reasonable amount of water every day (six glasses) that helps to hydrate the joints. Every joint in the body has a jelly-like substance between the bones called synonvial fluid that stops the cartilage (that protects the ends of the bones) rubbing together. We make synovial fluid ourselves, but we need to drink water to help the body to do this. Drinking lots of water means that you have to rise from your chair to go to the toilet more often, but this is good if you are sedentary or have a desk job – while your liver and kidneys will love you for having their systems flushed out. You don’t need expensive bottled water. What we get from the tap in the UK is as good as you will find anywhere – despite what people may say.

The skills that Jim has, have developed are the result of his travels around the world, where he found the gifted people who taught him the secrets that are being shunned by the NHS here in the UK. He has tried on many occasions to convince the Government that an inexpensive clinical trial would be a worthwhile exercise that could examine the therapy that he developed. Sadly, not one politician agrees. It seems that we are left with visits to GP’s and hospitals where they are happy to prescribe analgesics (pain-killers) that simply mask the pain, while doing nothing to address the problem. These it would seem, are the norm, while surgical intervention having a success-rate of just 30% often leaves the patient more debilitated.

Essential Oils: Our expertise is in the use of plant-based therapeutic essential oils that are the active ingredients in Joint-Ease and Muscle-Ease. These oils are clever and creep in to the deepest parts of the muscles, soothing and relaxing. Of course prevention is better than cure and thus every morning (and often at evenings to) Jim applies some Joint-Ease down the length of his spine (his wife does this for him) and some Muscle-Ease across the base of his spine, and the backs of his legs (hamstrings) – that are important to what’s going on in your lower back (lumbar spine).

Do Something: Deciding how to manage your back pain will ultimately depend on many things, but by taking facing up to the problem and accepting that your life is in your own hands, may help you lead a happier and healthier life. Pain-killing pills simply mask the pain – and in Jim’s experience are complete wastes of time. And as long as drug companies rule the world (and control lots of what goes on in Government) then they will continually drive the politicians to buy more pills. Just look at the £billions annual spend on drugs in the UK. It’s a massive figure yet a simple peer-reviewed study might just reveal how the therapy that Jim developed could save the NHS £millions of this every year and get people back to work quicker. Sadly, no matter how many letters Jim has written to the Scottish and UK Governments, they have all been ignored.

last but not least, visit a Bowen therapist. This is the therapy that Jim practised. There are lots of them around the UK, but if you have any problems finding one, or need advice in the skills of the therapist that you choose, then get in touch and we will help you.

Back pain is a big problem but it is too complex a subject to write about in this little newsletter. However, if you suffer, then get in touch. We are here to help.