Is Your Skin Tanned or Burned?

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When I was a wee boy, I lived in a town on the west coast of Scotland. It had a shipyard that employed 500 men, but it also had a lovely beach. Thus, the long hot summer days that I remember allowed that we spent much time playing on the sand. Sun-tan creams simply didn’t exist. Camomile lotion was what my mum used to calm skin that would be fiery-red after a day under hot sun. The damage caused to my skin in my youth is maybe the reason why I now sometimes come off the golf course with a face like a skinned cat, if it has been warm and windy. Thankfully an application of our lovely, natural After-Sun soothes and calms my skin and I don’t burn or peel.

If I tan and don’t peel, what’s the secret?

The primary requirement for a healthy skin is not just a ‘balanced diet’ containing a decent supply of vitamins, minerals and fatty acids, but proper skin management. Although too much sunlight can damage skin cells and deeper tissues, limited exposure to sunlight is beneficial.

Water is essential

The most important thing of all for skin care, both from inside and out is simply water. Modern living of course with central heating, air conditioning and the like, makes the situation worse, but the facts are that water hydrates the skin. Fresh air helps too, and given that it usually comes with exposure to sunshine our skin can process the sunshine to make Vitamin D, which of course is essential for calcium and phosphate control and for bone formation.

The Egyptians were aware
Although Cleopatra is fabled for bathing in ass’s milk to cleanse her skin and so enhance her beauty; goat’s milk was used on a more modest scale as a facial cleansing agent. The wily Egyptians could not formally analyse their choice of milk cleanser, purifier and preservative of the skin, but they certainly knew what they were doing. Well-fed nanny’s milk contains all sorts of elements in harmony with the human body and its fundamental requirements are the reason why we use natural ingredients in everything that we make.

Essential Oils are little miracles

The essential oils that we use as the active ingredients in all our products are the same as the oils that protect plants from too much sunlight, excessive heat and dehydration. When plants are injured, essential oils from within the plant flow to the wound, protecting it from infection like an antiseptic and initiating a healing process. They do the same for people when applied to human wounds or skin that has been fried and hurt by over-exposure.

The first to gather and concentrate essential oils were not people, but insects, such as male bees, who by anointing themselves with the oils of certain orchids, seemed to increase their health, happiness, and long life.

Essential Oils also protect plants from dehydration in interesting ways. In the eastern and mid-western United States, there are often dry periods of the year, such as late summer or early fall (autumn). During these times, when the wind is not blowing, one can often see a haze hovering over the forested hills and valleys in the late afternoons. The haze is not smoke or a fog. It is a cloud of essential oil molecules emitted by the trees to blanket the forest and reduce evaporation to preserve moisture. That is where the Great Smoky Mountains got their name – not from smoke, but from essential oils. Amazing isn’t it!

Moss-Grove Natural After-Sun Lotion

The natural, healing and moisturising ingredients of the essential oils that we use in our Natural After-Sun are good for skin that has been over-exposed, helping it to repair, rehydrate and give you an all-over tan.

It’s a non-greasy and a delicious smelling, cooling formula that provides an immediate sensation of comfort and relief for skin that is dry, sensitive and inflamed. By hydrating the skin, it restores water by cooling areas that are hurt and by helping with skin regrowth and regeneration it prevents peeling.

We have customers who have used our After-Sun in the hottest countries in the world. One fellow scuba-dives while his wife sun-bathes. His wife uses an after-sun that she pays a lot of money for. She peels. He pays us half the price that his wife does for her product and comes home with a lovely tan. We meet them socially sometimes and he just shakes his head. He has given up trying to convince a woman who simply won’t listen.

This product can be used as an all-over moisturiser and is especially suitable for people who are allergic to products that contain chemicals – as so many do these do these days.

So why don’t you give it a try? If it fails in your expectations, we will gladly refund the cost.