Is Back Pain Ruining Your Life?


Back Pain Issues

At Moss-Grove Natural Products we pride ourselves on providing natural solutions to your pain. As a testament to this our best selling products are our widely reknowned Joint Ease Lotion and the soothing Muscle Ease Lotion.

The combination of these excellent products are what we consider nature’s best weapon to enhancing your quality of life. Each product that we produce is carefully researched and tested until we manage to perfect the blend of essential oils that form the basis of all our products.

Both lotions are applied directly to the area of pain and after application the special blend of essential oils are absorbed through the skin and begin to work on providing relief from your conditions.

Our customers report to us daily on how our products allow them to live their lives with enhanced mobility and reduced pain without having to resort to drugs or other chemicals that can have detrimental effects on your health or well being. If you or someone you know is suffering from back pain, we would love to hear from you and you can contact us via our website or call us and we can discuss your problems and let you know how our products can help you.

Natural Pain Relief

Our Understanding of Back Pain

Moss-Grove founder, Jim Steele says: Given that I was born with a series of conditions that affect the spinal column (I suffer with spina-bifida occulta – a mild form of spina-bifida), my now arthritic spine is in a terrible condition. There are various forms that cause this problem and despite the ‘markers’ I often wonder why a series of doctors took so long to send me to see a specialist who identified the problem and then told me that I had something I would have to live with – forever. There is no cure.

Despite this, I lead a fairly normal life. I am not completely pain-free, but by using a combination of the therapy that I found (and practice successfully in my clinic here in Troon) and the miracle of the Moss-Grove plant-based essential oils we incorporate in our health-care products such as Joint Ease Lotion and Muscle Ease Lotion, I lead a fairly normal life. I can’t play golf on consecutive days as my spine simply seizes up the morning after a game and is quite painful. However with a little bit of safe Psoas exercise and the application of some Joint Ease Lotionand Muscle Ease Lotion, as the day goes on, I gradually become suppler and more or less pain-free. This of course allows me to play golf the next day. On non-golf days I am able to help my wife with hoovering and other household chores that can be accomplished reasonably painlessly.

It is known that 10 to 20 percent of healthy people suffer as I do. Most don’t know that they have symptoms similar to mine, other than the fact that they suffer with back-pain, until that is they have an x-ray and an expert is able to identify the problem. It usually doesn’t cause problems to the central nervous system; however there are markers such as a hairy patch on the base of the spine, a fatty lump or an area with less skin colour that can be indicators of the problem.

Of course I am not a doctor and this information does not constitute medical advice for anyone. However, if you have the slightest sign of spinal problems, perhaps should see a health-care provider and best of all, one who treats the spinal cord and who will determine exactly what is or indeed what isn’t wrong with you, and do so after a thorough examination and diagnostic tests, where MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) may be used. You may be prescribed the usual rounds of physiotherapy and pain-killers (non-steroidal anti-inflammatories) that gave me little or no relief. Hence the reason as you will see in my e-book, why I had to find something that would rid me of the pain of my horrible muscle spasms.

Bowen Neural Therapy

My story began in 1995 when my doctor told me to prepare for life in a wheelchair. I had tried all sorts of healers, quacks, some-time chancers – indeed anyone who suggested that they could help my back pain. At the time I was clutching at straws. I would have travelled to Timbuktu for relief; indeed I did at times travel long distances, only to find that it was yet another false dawn. In the process I spent thousands of pounds and often paid money over to so-called therapists who had little understanding of the human body and even less idea as how to fix a broken back.

Needless to say, I never questioned the fact that they had no formal training or certification. Then by chance I found the therapy that finally helped me greatly, Bowen Neural Therapy. At the time I worked in construction as a quantity surveyor. However, a return to college to study anatomy & physiology combined with studies in Australia allowed that I qualified in 1999. The Moss-Grove products have evolved from the anatomical work at my clinic and my experience in living with pain.

Back Pain Offer

The offer that I make is to anyone who suffers with back pain – of any form. Simply purchase a bottle of Joint Ease Lotion or Muscle Ease Lotion through our website and in return I will provide a free copy of my e-book.

Additionally I will provide a copy of the Psoas exercise and explain how and why you should use this safe form of back exercise. You can also email me directly where I will be more than pleased to listen carefully to what you have to tell me about your problem, find a therapist near to you who practices as I do Bowen Neural Therapy, guide you in the use of Joint Ease and Muscle Ease and provide the benefit of my experience to help you.

The active ingredients in the Moss-Grove lotions are a blend of carefully selected therapeutic essential oils and where Sheila and I have over 15 years of experience in their use. I hope that you will take advantage of what I have to offer, or indeed you will use this information to help someone that you know who suffers with back pain to get in touch.

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