How to Help Joint and Back Pain

Back pain sufferersBack pain and Joint Pain is a 20th Century medical disaster where trends of rising work loss, early retirement and state benefits all expose our failure to solve the problem. The cost to the nation is huge; indeed, one recent report in the Express newspaper stated that ‘millions of working days are lost to back pain every year – and it costs us £1Billion annually’.

Years ago, our grandparents suffered with lumbago. Today the buzz-word is sciatica. But the NHS are not delivering better or more effective health care for back pain or for joint pain, while politicians it seems simply ignore the enormous cost to the country. We can put a man on the moon and we have made huge advances with computer science and such, yet it seems that we are bad at dealing with this disability. Back pain and joint pain are now one of the most common and fastest growing reasons for work loss, health care use and sickness benefits, yet medicine does not offer any good explanation as to why this might be.
In 1995 I was advised by my GP to prepare for life in a wheelchair, when he could no more for my debilitating back-pain problem. After years of chronic back pain, doctors told me that my condition could not be treated by further medical intervention. I would just have to learn to live with it, cope by using pain relief and get around by wheelchair if personal mobility was essential.

I tried to live life as normally as possible, in between periods when I could not get out of my house or drive my car. A rare visit to my local golf club, and my life changed suddenly and very much for the better. The club professional mentioned, as an aside almost, that there was someone visiting the area who sorted backs. It was a spur of the moment thing. I had never been a believer in alternative therapies, but after five sessions with this visiting therapist I could put my socks on. Not the world’s greatest achievement, but to me it was like climbing Mount Everest. The therapy is known as Bowen Therapy and was invented by a fellow from Australia.

Given the relief that this therapy afforded, I decided on a change of career (from quantity surveyor to therapist), went back to college to study anatomy & physiology and went off to Australia to learn. My clinic in Glasgow opened two years later.

Sheila is my wife and prior to working with me, she worked as a nurse in a local hospital. She had for years studied how and why essential oils worked. In her opinion, extracted as they are from plants, they were ‘God’s little gifts’ and despite my initial reluctance to use the products that she made, I eventually became a convert. First, we sold the products to clients who came to our our clinic in Glasgow and later we started to sell through newspaper adverts. Then in 2011, the Sunday Post newspaper contacted us and asked if they could write an article about us. You can image our surprise when in the next two weeks we received sacks of mail that contained over 7000 orders. From that point, Moss-Grove was really on the map.

And so, every day of the week we continue to receive orders for our products from all over the UK and from some countries abroad, but in this, we are not sitting on our fingers. We have studied with some of the best essential oil experts in the world, listened to what they say, and as a result, we have conducted studies at several universities in Scotland where we have examined our own invention’s that have evolved from all that we have learned.

Essential oils are awfully clever and they are the active ingredients in every product that we make. If you have let’s say a pain in a knee, all that you do is squeeze a little Joint-Ease onto your knee and then gently massage it in until it is absorbed. The spine is a series of joints and thus I massage a little on the base of my back every morning. By doing this, it keeps me pain free and mobile.

We are composed of trillions of cells, millions of which die every day, but remarkably are replaced by millions of new cells. These cells work in harmony and it’s the oils that assist in restoring and maintaining that harmony. To help understand essential oils there is a book called The Secret Life of Plants that’s written by Peter Tomkins and Christopher Bird. It’s one of those books that will change your view of the world forever. Tomkins explains the world of plants and their relation to mankind. The book includes remarkable information about plants as lie detectors and plants as ecological sentinels and it describes their ability to adapt to human wishes, their repose to music, and the ability to communicate with man. After all, who put the plants here on earth? Who put us on earth? We don’t have the answer to this, but my view is that we had to come from somewhere. Surely, we can’t just have been here for ever and as we have both been on the earth for a long time, surely there must be a link?

Perhaps the very thing that could save or destroy our planet may come from the bottom of the garden. Just look at how quickly nature can take over a garden that is left unkempt. I lived once in a small town in the west of Scotland. I had a neighbour who was given an old car to restore, but he was a lazy man and simply allowed the car to rot at the bottom of his garden, rather than attempting repair. Some years later the house was sold and the man moved away. The new people who bought it were shocked to find a car in the undergrowth. It took them a long time to dig it out from all that had grown around and through it.

So, essential oils that come from plants are the chemistry that make every product that we manufacture work as they do. They have been used for thousands of years and can soothe pain and reduce inflammation and they are anti-oxidant. Oils are used in perfumery but it is their health-giving reasons that have encouraged us to carry out research to help us understand how oils can move through the skin and straight into the part of our body that needs help and is probably the reason why our Muscle-Ease product can ease restless legs, stop cramps and release the lactic acid that builds up when we exercise.

There is a book called Clinical Aromatherapy for Pregnancy and Childbirth that caught my eye some time ago. Essential oils are completely safe if used correctly (as we do) but I was reluctant (scared) to use them on my daughter when she was pregnant. After all, she was carrying something very precious. However, the very oils that I was afraid to use have been in use for hundreds of years to reduce mum’s stretch marks and prevent infection in the umbilical cords of new-born babies. The problem in this as I can see, is that while oils have great use, they would benefit mankind to a much greater extent if governments world-wide would sanction research into how and why they work. The problem with all of this is the fact that big pharmaceutical companies rule the world (how many millions do we spend on medication every week?). These companies make fortunes from us, yet I don’t see them spending much on research into essential oils as simply stated ‘you can’t patent an essential oil’. So, in other words, someone else could steal the fruits of their labour. But perhaps someday they will learn, as we have, that what man creates is transient and temporary. What God creates is good forever.