Happy Feet


Happy Feet

No matter what age you may be, it is important to have healthy feet and to encourage the flow of blood to the furthest part of our bodies.

The benefits of regular exercise are written about in many publications, but in simple terms:

  • Better circulation = Good flow of blood and nourishment
  • Flexibility = Able to walk further
  • Stronger muscle = Better balance

If neglected, our feet can develop corns or ingrown toenails, which are painful and can take some time to repair. A simple foot bath for 2 – 5 minutes in warm water where you have dissolved a tablespoon of Epsom salts with a few drops of Tea Tree or Lavender oil added, can be refreshing and help keep feet free from bacteria, as well as helping to soften hard skin.

Of course it does make a lot of sense to take just a little time to dry your feet properly – and especially between the toes where bacteria if left alone will love the damp and warm conditions that with carelessness you will provide. So always dry thoroughly and then moisturise.

Here at Moss-Grove we recommend our foot repair lotion for those who are on the run and short of time. Applied after showering or last thing at night, it can work wonders on neglected feet helping to keep them free from bacteria, softening hard skin, and keeping them smell better than sweaty feet!

Applied regularly, it will also help to keep itching at bay from the dreaded Athlete’s Foot condition, while of course it will make huge sense (even for men) to remove hard skin from heels and under and around toes (another place where the nasty bacteria love to hide).

Legs Too

Feet and legs will love you if you take just a few minutes to apply this little treat to massage out the tiredness – especially after a hard day of work.

How to

Sitting in a comfortable chair, stroke your hands up the length of your legs over the calf muscles, one hand after the other (always stroking up towards the heart). Then stroke the front of your legs from the ankle up towards the knee. If you can manage to get to your feet, stroke your thumbs up the length of the soles towards the toes, then massage in circular movements around the ankles and the tops of your feet. No-one can say that it doesn’t feel good.

Varicose Veins

If you have varicose veins, avoid standing for long periods or crossing the legs whilst sitting.  Try to raise your legs when possible to help drain the blood. Keep on the move when possible to encourage the circulation. The following exercises are suitable, Never massage over varicose veins.


A simple exercise to do anywhere is to take off your shoes (if sitting) sit forward on the chair and gently rock onto the toes lifting the heels a few times, then rotate the feet in a circular direction.  A bit like the exercises to do on long haul flights.

If you are standing hold on to something and rotate one foot at a time. This helps the flow of blood back up to the heart from the veins.

Last but not least

After doing all of this and your feet are still looking in a sorry mess, then perhaps it is time for that long overdue visit to the Chiropodist to put things straight!

Start now and you can have beautiful feet in time for your summer holidays! Treat your feet with kindness and you will get many more years of joy from them.

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