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Natural After Sun Lotion

The primary requirement for a healthy skin is not just a ‘balanced diet’ containing a decent supply of vitamins, minerals and fatty acids, but proper management of this your largest organ and your first line of environmental protection.

Although too much sunlight can damage epithelial cells (one of the four primary tissue types) and deeper tissues, limited exposure to sunlight is beneficial.

However UV radiation can damage our DNA, causing mutations and promoting cancer cells. UV radiation can cause some immediate effects – burns, which if severe can damage the epidermis (the outer layer of the skin) and dermis (inner layer of the skin containing blood vessels and sweat glands).

Water is essential

The most important thing of all for skin care, both from inside and out is simply water. Water is also essential for easing joint pain too. Contrary to what is often thought, skins of whatever type suffer not from lack of oil but from lack of water. Modern living with central heating, air conditioning and the like, make the situation worse.

Water hydrates the skin, while physical exercise and a daily allowance of fresh air are of crucial importance. Fresh air usually comes with exposure to sunshine, where our skin has the ability to process sunshine to make Vitamin D, which is essential for calcium and phosphate control and for bone formation.

The Egyptians were aware

Diabetes Foot HealthMuch of what many people put onto their skin today is full of all sorts of nasty ingredients. Too often people are taken in by the advertisers when reading the words on the front of the label, while ignoring the huge list of ingredients written in tiny print on the back. Can nature be of help?

Although Cleopatra is fabled for bathing in ass’s milk to cleanse her skin and so enhance her beauty; goat’s milk was used on a more modest scale as a facial cleansing agent by the ancient Celts. Science is only now catching up with the knowledge of the ancients, and today’s cosmetics and toiletries are being improved by the use of natural phytochemicals, in the form of botanical extracts.

The wily Egyptians and Celts could not formally analyse their choice of milk cleanser, purifier and preservative of the skin, but they certainly knew what they were doing. Well-fed nanny’s milk contains all sorts of elements in harmony with the human body and its fundamental requirements and is the reason why at Moss-Grove our research is investigating how the use of such a product and its unique ingredients can have beneficial effects.

Essential Oils

Essential oils that are the active ingredients in every Moss-Grove product that protects plants from too much sunlight, excessive heat and dehydration. When plants are injured, essential oils from within the plant flow to the wound, protecting it from infection like an antiseptic and initiating a healing process. They do the same for people when applied to human wounds.

MossGrove After Sun LotionThe first to gather and concentrate essential oils were not people, but insects, such as male bees, who by anointing themselves with the oils of certain orchids, seemed to increased their health, happiness, and long life. I often tell the clients who come to my clinic that we all get our car engines serviced regularly, but do we do the same for our bodies? We can change the car, yet this body that we are given – is for life. So we have to look after it. We can’t trade it in.

Essential Oils also protect plants from dehydration in interesting ways. For example, in the Eastern and Mid-western United States, there are often dry periods of the year, such as late summer or early fall (autumn). During these times, when the wind is not blowing, one can often see a haze hovering over the forested hills and valleys in the late afternoons. The haze is not smoke. Neither is it a fog. It is a cloud of essential oil molecules emitted by the trees to blanket the forest and reduce evaporation to preserve moisture. That is where the Great Smoky Mountains got their name – not from smoke, but from essential oils. Amazing isn’t it!

Our After Sun Lotion

In all, we hope that you can appreciate the unbelievable values in therapeutic essential oils and the reason why use them as the active ingredients in every product that we produce. The natural, moisturising ingredients that we have included in our After Sun Lotion are good for skin that has been over-exposed, helping to heal, rehydrate and give you an all-over tan. You can buy our After Sun Lotion using this link.

Image credits: Angela Costales

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