Foot Pain?


Happy Feet
Feet are the extremity at the bottom of our legs. They carry us through our daily chores and mostly without complaint – but do you ever think of giving them a bit of TLC?

The foot (and the ankle) contain 26 bones and a mixture of more than 100 muscles tendons and ligaments that hold the whole thing together. In all the human foot bears the bodies weight and act as the shock absorber as we propel ourselves along.

Balance: Our inner ear contains the balance mechanism but the receptors are on the soles of the feet. Thus it is important when you step onto the floor as you get out of bed, or put a foot on the ground as you get out of the car to always place both feet on the ground at the same time. What would happen to an aeroplane if it was to land on one wheel – it would be all over the place? The feet do much the same job, so have a think about placing both feet on the ground at the same time.

Plantar Fasciitis

I often hear people talk about pains in the plantar aspect (sole) of the foot and wonder why they have it and indeed how they will resolve the problem. Have you ever considered the fact that an imbalance in your pelvic floor can be the cause. I have treated this problem often at my clinic ( and with nearly a 100% success after just a couple of treatments I find that the problem can be resolved, rather than adding shims (heel-pads and supports) to our shoes (that mechanically lengthen one leg and further exacerbate the pelvic problem) having steroid injections or anti-inflammatory medicines.

Saying this, sometimes a combination of therapy and massaging some Muscle Ease into the sole of the foot will help as will considering what sort of footwear you use and especially so if you are on your feet for a long time or indeed if you are a runner, while applying an ice pack and resting the foot will also help.

Foot Health: Our article – What’s lurking in your feet in this hot weather? is worth a look and especially so in this spell of hot weather when bacteria will find the perfect conditions to survive and prosper.

Our Solution to resolving pain in the toes

Some people tend to ignore pain in various parts of their body and normally avoid looking for a solution until it really starts to hurt. Such is the situation I had with my big toe. It came to the boil when I was in bed a few evenings ago and started to notice the pain in my toe with the weight of the duvet on top of it – for all that this is! Given the fact that I did suffer with a bout of exceedingly painful gout in the same toe some months ago (see my article – Fighting back Gout) I was worried that this was about to start all over again.

However when I examined my toe I didn’t have the redness on the side of the joint or a pain that was so bad that you simply can’t touch the toe joint at all. Then I thought about all of the gardening work recently completed and the painting of the front of my house, all of which involved bending, standing on ladders and generally subjecting my toe joint to strain. Given that I suffer with crumbling and arthritic spine, I came to the conclusion that maybe I am staring to have the same arthritic problem in my toe.

I applied some Joint Ease and massaged it in and around the toe joint and went back to bed. I awoke some hours later and was amazed to find that the pain in my toe had eased. Needless to say I have continued to apply some Joint Ease several times a day and have found that the arthritic pain has completely disappeared. There is no cure for arthritis and thus every day I apply some Joint Ease along the length of my spine and find that it keeps me pain-free. Maybe if you suffer with pains in your feet, then you may just look at massaging some Muscle Ease into the muscles generally and Joint Ease into the joints and as I do look forward to a pain-free day ahead.

Diabetic Foot Ulcers

Diabetes is a problem on the up world-wide. Ulcers on the feet and general foot-health are something that anyone who suffers with diabetes should be fastidious about.  My article Diabetes & Foot Health tells a lot about what can help. The Ulcergone lotion that we sell is popular and is used regularly by a number of people who care about their own health and want to keep their feet in pristine condition. The article is worth a read.

As always, if anyone has a specific health problem and would like some personal advice, then please get in touch by email to and I will be more than happy to share the benefits of my knowledge and to call you for a discussion by telephone.

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