Unlike many other natural brands, our products are manufactured in accordance with the rules and regulations that govern the use of plant-based therapeutic essential oils. The UK rules are among the strictest in the world.

What works a certain way for one person may work differently for another. Our lotions should be applied several times daily. Less frequent applications than the recommended usage stated for each product, as well as discontinuing usage before the lotion has fully ran the course, will limit the effectiveness of the results.

We recognise that there are rare occasions when what works really well for one person may not work just as well for another. We have a 30 Day Guarantee on all of our products so if you are not happy with the results within 30 days then you can contact us to request your money back.

From time to time, we do make single bottles of lotions where we will adjust the quantities of the active ingredients to suit a customer’s needs. If you have a particular query then contact us and we will be more than happy to answer your individual queries.

If you have pain in a joint or general muscle pain, or if you suffer with athlete’s foot or other ailment and are unsure which product to use then please contact us and we will be happy to give you our advice.

We welcome any questions and give sensible, honest advice to each and every customer who makes contact.

Our products contain only 100% natural ingredients and are free from many substances that commonly cause a reaction with people such as aluminium, parabens, alcohol, lanolin and paraffin and even triclosan which is actually classified as a pesticide.

We cannot guarantee our products will not cause a reaction as while unlikely, some people may still have an allergy to the natural ingredients we use. We suggest that if you have any doubts you should try a patch-test by applying a little of whatever product you wish to use to the inside of the crease on the arm at the left elbow. Leave on overnight and check to ensure there is no reaction.

We don’t test either products or ingredients on animals. We comply with the Humane Cosmetics Standard and support BUAV in their campaign to end all animal testing. None of our ingredients are of animal origin (except beeswax, and manuka honey) and the rest of our ingredients are classified safe as food-grade.

All products can be used by anyone over the age of sixteen. We do sell our products to customers who have small children or babies, but in each case we will make a product specifically for the age of the person who will be using it and you should contact us for advice on using our products with children under sixteen.

All of our 150ml pump dispensers will provide approximately 75 applications. Our Natural Deodorant bottles are 70ml land will last at least two months through daily usage.

All products have a shelf life of at least three years if unopened. When opened and used correctly (assuming lids are replaced properly) the shelf life is at least six months. All of our products contain a natural preservative – citric acid to give additional shelf-life.