Drinking Water to Reduce Joint Pain


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As Summer draws nearer and the sun makes each day brighter and more enjoyable. We all want to get out, be active and enjoy the warmth while we can. Unfortunately for those of us suffering with joint pain, especially in the hips and knee area it can be difficult to be as active as we would like to be.

Whilst people are exercising and going out for Summer walks, it can be frustrating to accept that our abilities are a little limited which reduces our enjoyment of the good weather.

At Moss-Grove we continually seek to help our customers as much as we can to help those suffering with joint conditions, such as osteo and rheamatoid arthritis, to enjoy life to the fullest. Our Joint Ease lotion has fast became the best selling product that has been helping thousands of people to regain some mobility but this article is about something else that nearly all of us have round the clock access to, a crucial element of life: water.

We’re not breaking new ground suggesting that you drink more water, we all know that increasing our water intake to the recommended level has a whole host of benefits to the body but let’s focus on how our intake of water affects our joints.

What does water do for our joints?

Overall, water provides the body with the following benefits…

  • Helps expel damaging toxins and waste
  • Aids our bodies circulation and temperature regulation
  • Enhances our immune system
  • Helps keep our cells in working order
  • Lubricates joints and reduces inflammation

WaterWater is what keeps us alive, it’s the fuel for maintaining our essential functions and keeping us hydrated. Our joints depend on our water and nutrient intake to keep them lubricated and supple. Essentially, like oil to a hinge. The sound of metal squealing on a rusty hinge is an extreme comparison to a poorly hydrated joint cavity.

When two bones meet at the joint, ligaments are the tough structures that hold them in place, cartiledge is the barrier to prevent bones rubbing on each other and synovial fluid is the cushion that delivers nutrients and fills the resulting gaps of the joint.

With poor hydration, the synovial fluid is reduced in its capabilities of reducing friction and providing impact resistance between the joints. Over time friction increases and the joint can become inflamed. If you suffer from joint conditions such as arthritis, this inflammation can be very painful and reduces your mobility.

A painkiller may mask the resulting pain, but proper hydration can address the root of the pain. Of course water won’t cure you 100% but it can go a long way to reducing your joint pain symptoms with the added bonus of these other life changing benefits.

How much is enough water?

The figure commonly cited is 6-8 glasses per day. Initially this figure can be daunting but using the following routine, 6 glasses can be easily achieved by filling a glass at each of these intervals and sipping at it until it’s empty.

Upon waking The body will have expelled a lot of water during sleep through sweat and a morning glass of water is an incredible benefit to the body.

Mid morning A glass of water mid morning can stave off hunger pangs and prevent snacking. Hunger can be confused with the bodys demand for fluids, it’s not always food that makes you feel hungry.

Lunch time This glass should be easily drank when washing down your lunch.

Afternoon Sipping on a glass of water after lunch will take you past the half way point.

Dinner During dinner, switch your drink to water for your 5th glass.

Evening The final glass of the day will help keep you hydrated overnight.

And that’s how 6 glasses could be spread out. It’s important not to drink vast quantities at once, small sips throughout the day are best.

I can’t stop peeing!

What goes in must come out and the frequency of toilet trips will increase and sadly this is one of the reasons why people lose heart and decide they don’t want the inconvenience of frequent toilet visits but this is actually a sign of progress.

When we urinate we flush the body of excess water, but also our organs, such as the liver and kidneys, are expelling their waste too. The quicker and more frequently we flush out this waste, the better job that our organs can perform and we also prevent toxins spending too long in the body.

Here’s a quick test that can demonstrate the effectiveness of your water intake. Check the colour of your pee, a hydrated body will produce light to almost clear urine. A dehydrated body will produce darker colours, the more dehydrated you are, the darker the colour will be. (View a urine chart here) Deep yellows are a sign your water intake is below par and your joints will almost certainly be working at sub optimum levels, as well as your physical and mental performance.

The Enemies of Hydration

Our attempts to stay hydrated can be thwarted by the following things…

  • Sweating
  • Caffeine
  • Fizzy/ Sugary Drinks
  • Alcohol
  • Salt (Table salt and also salt levels within your food)
  • Diabetes
  • Diahorrea
  • Vomiting
  • Illness

All of these factors can reduce the available water in our bodies leading to a state of dehydration. If you regularly consume these drinks and your diet is high in salt you place your body under increased demand for water. Avoid what you can to give your body a chance.

If you suffer from any of these conditions or you’ve been sweating excessively or ill, remember to make a conscious effort to keep yourself well hydrated.


We hope that this helps you give you a better insight into not only why you should consume more water, but also how it can really help you if you are suffering from joint pain. We often take for granted one of life’s basic survival sources but we want to offer our customers a vital, plentiful and natural option to help you enjoy increased mobility without the need for drugs.

With proper nutrition, hydration and the power of essential oils all provided by Mother Nature, increased mobility and enjoyment of a pain free life will hopefully be an attainable goal for most of us and help us get out and active when the sun shines!

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