Back Pain - Keep it at Bay!


Back pain sufferersIf you suffer from back pain, you’ve probably tried many ways to ease it. I certainly did. The choices are huge and range from one end of the spectrum, doing absolutely nothing at all, or to the other extreme – having surgery (that I wouldn’t recommend). If you decide on therapy, then which one would be right for you?  How do you know which therapy is right for you? Is it important to exercise, even when your back hurts like nothing else? Let us examine the options.

Talk to an Expert: Whether you’re experiencing back pain for the first time or you’ve suffered a relapse, seek the advice of an experienced, certified, and well-recommended health specialist. When I knew nothing about health-care, I often visited my doctor, only to be offered physiotherapy (that really needs to come out of the dark-ages) or one pain-killing pill or another, with neither offering any help. Then of course I found Bowen therapy that saved and irrevocably changed my life.  I went back to college to study anatomy and physiology. After all if you don’t know that there are 639 muscles in your body – can name them all – and explain their origin and insertion then there is little point of you being a therapist. So the advice that I have here is ask questions. Did your therapist train and who with? What sort of anatomy & physiology qualification do they have? How many years have they been practicing? What sorts of letters of recommendation do they have from clients? Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Seek an alternative therapist and see what he / she has to say in answer to the same questions. If you have any doubt – then send me an email ( and I will do what I can to guide you.

I was the 101th registered Bowen therapist in the UK. But Bowen was not the complete answer. Thus I studied with other respected therapists in different parts of the world – and what I developed was a blend of all that was best. I wrote a book 8 years ago that tells my tale. Entitled ‘Getting Your Own back’ it is available on-line. If you would like to read it then send me an email and I will provide the link.

Be Active: Being participant in your care is important and I have found that no matter how stiff an painful you may be, it is best to keep moving., but you do want to go on that long-awaited trip and enjoy the view of the Eiffel Tower. Walking is great. It is the best exercise available. Safe and sensible, walking pumps the lymphatics that rid the rubbish from the muscle that may well be condensed. At the end of a walk, you may be sore, so lie down on a carpet or on a firmish bed. Place a small pillow under the back of the head and raise your knees. This will allow the muscles on your back to settle. A wee while in this position and you will be refreshed. Getting back to a standing position is important and needs care – but all of this advice and more is in my book that is free to you – if you are bothered to ask.

Essential Oils: Our expertise is in the use of plant-based therapeutic essential oils that are the active ingredients in Joint-Ease and Muscle-Ease. These oils are clever and creep in to the deepest parts of the muscles, soothing and relaxing. Of course prevention is better than cure and thus every morning (and often at evenings to) I apply some Joint-Ease down the length of my spine (my wife does this for me) and some Muscle-Ease across the base of my spine, and the backs of my legs (hamstrings) – that are important to what’s going on in your lower back (lumbar spine).

Do Something: Deciding how to manage your back pain will ultimately depend on many things, but by taking these factors into account it may help you lead a happier and healthier life. Pain-killing pills simply mask the pain – and in my experience are complete wastes of time. And as long as drug companies rule the world (and control lots of what goes on in Government) then they will continually drive the politicians to buy more pills. Just look at the £billions annual spend on drugs in the UK. It’s a massive figure yet a simple peer-reviewed study might just reveal how the therapy that I developed could save the NHS £millions of this every year and get people back to work quicker. Yet in this, I am pushing snow up a hill. No matter how many letters I have written to the Scottish Government, they have all been ignored. This is shame, given the thousands of people I have helped and who no longer suffer as I did with debilitating back pain.

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