Arthritic Relief at 92 Years Old

One of the highlights at the Moss-Grove Offices is receiving feedback from our customers. We use all feedback to help evaluate what works, and what we can refine to deliver the best service and products to everyone.

Recently we received some great feedback from what could be our oldest customer, Mrs Pascall from London, after a great chat on the phone she told us how arthritis had affected her hands. Human hands comprise of 27 bones, and arthritis has plenty of small but very mobile joints to target which then affect us with inflammation and pain and subsequently reduce the mobility and ability to grip and manipulate objects. Mrs Pascall had been put onto our products after seeing one of our newspaper adverts and placed her order.

She was intrigued and after a month of use gave us a call to let us know how soothing Joint Ease Lotion has been for her and especially how easy the bottle is to apply the lotion during spells of joint stiffness.

At Moss-Grove we have been developing and refining Joint Ease for almost 10 years and it quickly became our number 1 product and has remained there to this day. Thanks to it’s unique blend of essential oils that penetrate the skin and provide much needed relief to joint pain and stiffness, it’s always great to hear from those who have increased quality of life thanks to our products.

If you would like to share your experience with us, message us on our contact page or call us and let us know your thoughts!