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Natural Products using plant-based ingredients and nothing else. Manufactured by a company who have honesty in everything they do and total customer satisfaction as the aim.

About Moss-Grove Natural Products

At Moss-Grove our company beliefs are as simple as our pure ingredients. We are an honest, natural brand that is becoming ever more recognisable in the natural health market. By making an emotional investment in our products and enjoying the benefits they provide, our customers return to us time and time again. Our unique natural products, creams and lotions have been tried and tested through stringent university trials. This allows us to provide the most effective natural products you can buy and we don’t use any ingredients that will cause you harm. Our philosophy is to ensure that value and quality is our priority. We provide a top class service and we don’t charge a penny extra for delivery, no matter where in the UK you are located.


What people think of us

I am enjoying the e mails that you send out on a Thursday. I have bought the joint and muscle lotions for my self and find them great to use.  I also buy both products for my father down in Dumfries.  He is in his 80’s and I introduced him to your products last year. He swears by them,…

Fiona Nelson Dumfries

Having endured approximately 5 years of recurring, intermittent and worsening hip pain which I variously attributed to golf (stopping for 2 years due to discomfort), over-exercise, wear and tear or old-age (55); and subsequent ‘trial periods’ using the likes of Permaton (green muscle gel) for relief, I was fairly sceptical when an advocate of the…

James Skilling Kent

Just to say Arthritis lotion arrived I bought it for my Mother who is an OAP she has been in agony with her knees for a long time, last night she took a bought of pain and applied the lotion within a few minutes the pain was a lot less she could feel the lotion penetrating the…

Mark McLaren Invergordon

Unique skin care lotions using liquid droplets from organic plants

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