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Prevention Better Than Cure

For many years I played football and rugby where I kicked a hard leather ball. The boots that I wore had little in the way of protection and thus my toe got damaged, yet in those days I cared little. When I was older I bought my first home, a flat in an old, near derelict building. A young married man, I had very little money and so having no choice but to do the work myself, I spent many hours on my knees with my big toes bent under me as I ripped up old floorboards, laid the new ones, sanded woodwork, painted skirting boards, laid carpets, indeed all sorts of things that I had no choice but to do myself.

The result of all of this, I suppose, is the arthritis that I suffer with in my knees and toes. It’s a curse – or so I thought until that is my wonderful wife Sheila started to study the incredible benefits that can be gained by using plant-based therapeutic essential oils. And so, our company Moss-Grove was born. Read more >